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Extension Activities


These are extra learning activities to do at home, in the computer lab at school, the school/public library or in class during math center time.  They were designed to help you further build your skills.  I want you to master this skill and have complete understanding.  You are in control!  You may do them in any order you choose. 

WritingWrite a letter to a friend about what the perimeter is and how to find it.  Give examples, draw pictures, and use plenty of details to make the letter interesting.  Be sure to include all 5 parts to a friendly letter:  heading, greeting, body, closing, signature.  Revise with a friend or two.  Get feedback from two classmates and publish the letter in Microsoft Word.  Be sure to save and print a copy for you and the teacher.

Social StudiesUse a ruler to measure the sides of each of the objects then find the perimeter of each:  a sandwich, a slice of pizza, your bathtub, your television, your notebook, your math textbook, your box of crayons, a door, a box of cold cereal.  Type your measurements in Microsoft Word.  Be sure to save and print a copy for the teacher.  Share your findings with a friend.

Art:  Create a mini booklet on the topic of perimeters.  Be sure to use some math vocabulary words. Include a title, illustrations, and examples to show perimeters.  Get feedback from two or more peers.  Create this using Microsoft word or Kid Pix deluxe.  Save and print a copy for you and the teacher. 

TechnologyCreate a Power Point presentation about finding the perimeters of triangles and quadrilaterals.  Get feedback from at least two peers, save and print a copy for you and the teacher.

Language Arts:  Type a sentence with each vocabulary word in Microsoft Word.  Print a copy for you and your teacher.  Share your sentences with a friend.  How are your sentences alike and different/

1.  perimeter                                             6.  equation

2.  polygon                                               7.  inches

3.  triangle                                                8.  addition

4. quadrilateral                                          9.  centimeter

5.  total                                                     10.  ruler

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving:  Use graph paper to draft a crossword puzzle using the vocabulary words.  (See above) Make sure that five words are found horizontally (across) and five words are found vertically (up and down) and that the clues are descriptive.  Scan a copy for you and one for the teacher.  Share your puzzle with a friend.

NOTE on ASSESSMENT/GRADING:  Each activity will help you better understand how to find the perimeter of basic triangles and quadrilaterals.  Place each completed activity in your math portfolio.  Together, you and the teacher will review your work and determine your grade on this topic.  The last activity will require me to audio tape/videotape  you while you discuss what you learned about perimeters.

I bet you are excited!  You know what-I am too!


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2005  Mrs. Alison Parker

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